• Have you been using lockdown to view the stars?

  • Are you interested in Astronomy?

  • Have you just bought a telescope and need advice on how to set it up?

  • Would you like to meet up / observe with like minded individuals?

  • Sandy Astronomical Society is a young society, formed in 2014 by founders Ian Papworth, Ricky Byrne, Adam Catt , Sarah Catt , Aprill Harper . We are a not-for-profit organisation with a constitution and policies. Our purpose is to encourage you in this astronomical hobby. We engage with youth groups (well, anyone really), and perform outreach events to members of the general public.

  • You may have seen our Christmas tree at St Swithans church, or spoken with us at the Sandy carnival? To join our society only costs as little as 7.50 for an individual annually.

  • And thanks to Covid-19 (where we have cancelled our summer program 2020) we have a FULL summer program in 2021. Talks in many astronomical aspects!

  • FREE for our members.... perhaps you would like to join the club?

Star photo created by kjpargeter - www.freepik.com

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