• Thank you for your interest in the Sandy Astronomical Society.

  • Please see below a link for the membership form to join, if you would like to do so.

  • We are only a small society, founded in 2014 by like minded individuals and as a paid member of SAS you will have free entry / access to any of our organised events such as talks / workshops (though you will need to pay in advance for the materials) etc. There are two prices: £7.50 for an individual membership; and £10 which includes you and any other member of your family living at the same address. (There is a slight increase if you wish hard copies physically mailed to you).

  • The payment options are:

    By PayPal to info@sandyastro.co.uk ('as a gift' please - otherwise we will be charged for the transaction);

    By direct bank transfer (email me for specific details);

    By cash, cheque (to Sandy Astronomical Society) or postal order which can be delivered to: (email me for specific details);

    ALL members are expected to complete the membership form to ensure we meet any regulations / laws regarding personal information.

    The demographic of our membership is quite young…. With several of us having children under the age of 13. So we conduct most of our communication via email and social media.


The membership form is now completely electronic.  Please email us

Star photo created by kjpargeter - www.freepik.com